About me

Spends way too much time writing and reading on random things except for the ones that matters like academics: the only thing that can save his future.


Well she’s always right about things and I am set out to prove the last part wrong, because I am an undergrad student who loves to write and thinks his sense of humor is funny. So I write a lot of humor content: sketches, blogs, jokes, fiction. I also draw intended bad drawings and do various sorts of copy writing works.

As I learn day by day where I fit in and can squeeze into next, I read fiction and non-fiction books, watch football (Chelsea FC fan), play amateur tennis and football, participate in thought crimes to fill in the remaining free times and also listened to some music of varying genres as long as they are good for the moment.

And the rest of my activities, if you are interested to know then maybe in years to come I will write a book about it.

Happy reading and may the humor be with you.