#2 B for Brovenge

Now that I have found a way to get hold of Jan’s diary, without his highness being aware I’m gonna blog the truth out of his phony journal. It will be done one blog at a time after all,the courtesy has to be extended back to Jan dude for  all his actions. Well I don’t seriously intent to go filmy kinda revenge style, because as it happens he’s also my best friend, no actually is, but used to be, no longer after he bitched behind my back to Mags Crown.

Cutting all the literary crap out of the picture and hence the blog, Jan Boey is the kind of Bro for whom which every time you play wing man, you are bound to end up in regret. He acts to be very intuitive and mature for his age and spoils it for all- for everyone involved, which concerns me the most even in those sick of counting times. What made him this cocky and all different from the one I crashed into the first time has to do something with last summer.

Last summer Jan went to this some famous R&D company for internship, where he interned with a batch of students from other big-shot colleges. He had a crush on this one girl Stacy, also then there was this new buddy of his named Jack. One sober night Jan found that Stacy had another admirer in Jack, so outta nowhere in his attempts to save all the relations Jan came up with a pact. Jan and Jack wouldn’t let Stacy know their intents until the last day of intern and let Stacy and the Devil do the rest. It’s so simple and sober pact between the bros.

So on the the D-day as Jan sent his crush request to Stacy, it came back crushed and crumbled to him with a new fact that someone had asked Stacy out and been dating her ever since the beginning of intern who was later unveiled to be Jack (the pact) Breacher, much to the  disappointment of last hope of Jan. Truly Jack is not a Bro, and neither of Jan’s wishes came true.

That’s from when I guess Jan lost the spirit of Bro code and he never trusts me. Well that incident shouldn’t be a reason to not trust me after all, how amazing friends we used to be.  That’s not a reason to screw up my social life, out of his insecurities like a Jack. Well finally now the bastard has been handed a reason to not trust me. This is not just for Jan, but also to all the Jacks , the Jan turned  Jacks  and Jan screwing Jacks out there. Jan is my bro, who needs to be fixed.

It’s B for Brovenge.